CME Group OTC Clearing

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CME Group is focused on understanding the individual goals of our clients and delivering global solutions that connect them to the market.

We're changing the way market participants evaluate their OTC Clearing choices because we're not just focused on market share, we're focused on delivering solutions to meet our customers' global needs.

We're Clearing the Way Forward.

Multi-Asset Class Solution

Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)

The broadest product scope with 24 IRS currencies.


11 Non-Deliverable Swaps, 26 Cash-Settled Forwards and FX options.

Margining Tools

Run indicative margins across your portfolio - including CME Group futures, options and OTC.

Find a tool.

Clearing Services

Trading OTC products at CME Group also requires you to be familiar with our clearing services. Dive deeper into CME Clearing.

Eligible Collateral
Customer Protections
CME Repository Services

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