BrokerTec is the industry-leading anonymous
dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform for
fixed income markets.

BrokerTec provides technology solutions across a wide range of products
to customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

It facilitates API and manual trading solutions for many U.S. and
European fixed income products, including U.S. Treasuries,
European Government Bonds and European Repo.

Fair market access

Trade with confidence based on true insight into live, executable market prices. BrokerTec provides a level playing field where all traders are treated equally.

Leading technology

Reduced latency and increased throughput, BrokerTec has the highest standard when it comes to complete redundancy, resilience and system up-time for increased efficiency.


Connection opportunities

Connect to a robust market infrastructure via API or manual entry, based on your trading needs.


More BrokerTec offerings


Access our new enhanced RFQ capability.

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Find the workflow solution that meets your needs at every step of the trading lifecycle: from pre- to post-trade.

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Access methods

Find out which connection type for BrokerTec platforms works best for you. Our offering includes API and manual trading solutions.

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Data and analytics

Access trading data to perform at your best with BrokerTec data and analytics solutions.

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Vendor partners

Work with third-party vendors for connectivity and workflow solutions.

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BrokerTec regulatory documents

Access the rulebook and regulatory documentation you need to stay compliant throughout the trading lifecycle.

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On November 2, 2018, CME Group completed the acquisition of NEX, creating a global markets company across futures, cash and OTC. The combined organization enables market participants worldwide to manage risk and capture opportunities across the trading lifecycle.
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