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Regulatory Outreach Program

CME Group’s Regulatory Outreach Program provides market participants with the information and resources necessary to meet their compliance needs.

Our goal is to work with market participants proactively to ensure they understand our regulatory requirements and thereby avoid potential problems in the future. The program aims to:

  • Effectively communicate rule modifications, rule advisories and other rules-based information to market participants
  • Promote a uniform understanding of Exchange rules and regulations
  • Serve as a resource for trade practice and surveillance based questions
  • Build constructive, ongoing relationships with industry participants

Proactive compliance and more informed customers make better markets. Outreach is available for industry veterans and new industry participants alike, from individual traders to firms. Our Outreach team is available by phone or email to answer compliance questions, or to schedule informational or educational sessions tailored to suit your needs. Use the Resource. We are here to help.

CME Group's Regulatory Outreach Program has representatives stationed in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

To stay up-to-date and in compliance with the changing regulatory environment

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Market Regulation Webinars on CME Institute

When you are getting started in the futures markets, it is important to understand and comply with Exchange Rules. CME Institute offers an in-depth course looking at how Market Regulation works to protect market integrity, enforce rules to protect market participants and more.

This course covers:

Contact Us

If you have compliance questions, contact the Outreach team:
Outreach Team

For other questions, contact the Market Regulation Department at:
+1 312 341 7970

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