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About Alternative Data

CME Group offers non-traditional data to help you gain an edge in our marketplace. Using data from third-party sources, including satellite imagery or implied volatility measurements, CME Alternative Data offers you a comprehensive look at commodities markets.

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The Insights You Need

Our suite of one-of-a-kind data sources, such as satellite imagery from TellusLabs, Orbital Insight and other third-party data providers, gives you the facts you need to gain unique insights into CME Group markets.

Why CME Alternative Data

Easy Access to Historical Data

Immediately access historical data and daily updates through CME DataMine. Download the data you need in the format you can use.

Relevant and Tested Data

All of our data offerings are back-tested and reviewed to ensure correlation and relevance to our benchmark products.

Expanding Data Offering

Our data offering will continue to grow in the coming months. Our next dataset, coming soon, will use smelting and storage signals for daily and weekly copper data.

Additional Datasets

Bantix Implied Options Volatility Curves

View end-of-day implied option volatility curves for more than 40 CME Group products via QuikVol historical volatility tools. Analyze listed and constant maturity expiration curves and more.

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